Nonya's first exposure to 'Dance Oriental' known as Belly Dance or Raks Sharki was in 1976 at a Renaissance Faire. From that moment she was hooked and immediately sought teachers in the L.A. area. She had taken the traditional course of dance study such as tap, jazz, and ballet, however the belly dance appeared to give her the balance she was seeking. She has traveled, taught and met wonderful people in her dance history, this is only a synopsis of her 32 years experiences.

She studied under the direction of Sheila, Paula, and Jerry of Los Angeles. From there she took master classes from L.A, to New York, which included a 'method acting' class in 1977. She has taken classes from such known Dance (artists) as Hadia, Shareen el Safy, Raqia Hassan, Latifa, Amaya, Jodette, and Mona El Said to name a few. She was in a small troupe in L.A., moving on to teach at the Mt. SAC College in 1979. From there she danced locally for civic events, fundraisers, receptions, and parties. She taught for the Angelo State University, as well as the San Angelo Civic Ballet company. She has appeared in the 'Nutcracker' (Arabian dance). She appeared as a guest at the Fez in L.A. (1979), as well as the famous Ali Baba's. She appeared in several dance pageants, as well as sponsoring dance pageants.

Nonya taught in San Angelo for 6 years while directing Nonya's Dance Ensemble. Nonya has sold and made costumes many years, as well as vending in events over the U.S. She has been a member of  various dance associations, and continues as an animal rights advocate, cntributing to humane society organizations in the U.S. After getting married in Sept. of  08, she has moved her studio to San Antonio, Texas where she continues to teach this wonderful, beautiful and intriguing dance form.

Contact Nonya at 830-265-8742