Nonya teaches Beginning, Intermediate, and Advance classes in BELLY DANCE. Her studio is located at San Antonio, Texas. Contact number is 830 265 8742.

She teaches a combination style of Egyptian, Arabic, Turkish and some Lebanese influence. She is eclectic in her style, emphasizing the 'American Cabaret'. The American Cabaret style is an old classic dance form which has many elements, while the veil is used and zils are played.

Nonya strives on individuality for her students. While thinking "outside the box", encouraging a student to his or her full potential.

She plays traditional classical Middle Eastern music, to the more contemporary melodies in her studio while instructing.

BEGINNING consists of basic moves, transitional steps, veil and simple choreography.

INTERMEDIATE consists of advance moves with more combinations introduced, with choreography becoming more defined. Veil moves, and learning the zils are also taught.

ADVANCE consists of swords, fans, cane, with students choreographing their own dances.

Nonya's Philosophy is pure and simple she wants each student to become their own individual dancer, while learning to understand and respect this ancient dance form. She wants each student to feel a satisfaction physically, spiritually, as well as emotionally.

Contact Nonya at 830-265-8742